Zachary Adkins is a tattoo artist who's been tattooing since 2006. He's currently working at Eternal Tattoos in Clawson, MI where he's been since 2012 with an awesome crew of creative people who all try to make each other better artists everyday. Zack is known for his black and gray realistic tattooing, especially his animal portraits although he loves doing all styles of tattooing and believes that any artists should strive to excel at every aspect of tattooing. He comes from a family of artists. The youngest of three brothers who's parents always supported whatever interest they had no matter how strange it seemed. His father is an artist who started teaching his sons about art at an early age. Zack fondly remembers the very first day his father sat him down and showed him how to draw  simple shapes like a square, circle and triangle. Zack has been drawing and painting nearly his entire life. He's also spent much of his life experimenting with photography and darkroom techniques. Music has also been a major passion of his for the majority of his life. playing many instruments and recording his own music is a regular past time of Zacks. When he was in middle school  he thought he would surely be a special effects artist in horror films when he got older and created many short films just to showcase his talent for making latex intestines ,impaled eye sockets, brains and severed throats. But somehow he settled happily on giving beautiful tattoos to people that have their own special story to tell  and hopes to be doing so for a very long time.